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Cornea Transplant is a Crown Jewel project of QAMCAANA that was started two years ago in Quaid-A-Azam Medical College affiliated hospital with the collaboration with main APPNA. We are happy to report, With the generous supportive membership,  so far more than 150 corneas have been successfully transplanted to the needy patients free of cost in BVH Bahawalpur. Qamcaana is deeply thankful to Dr. Fawad Ahmad and his family who are the founders and patrons of this project in Pakistan and generously provide a donation of 5 corneas each month to Quaid-A-Azam Medical College affiliated hospital free of cost.  Membership also provides significant help to overcome the demand of the corneas.  Each cornea costs $250.00 and this includes the logistics of prepaid transportation to the Quaid-A-Azam Medical College affiliated hospital.  Qamcaana is also very thankful to Professor Dr. Ijaz Latif and Professor Dr. Soufia Farrukh who provide cornea transplant surgery free of cost to needy patients.  This program has become very popular and drawing needy patients form interiors Sindh Providence and upper Punjab as well since cornea transplant surgery is not offered in any of the hospitals in the 100 mils radius.


We are very thankful for the membership further continued generosity and sports for this program.  There are no better gratifications then giving some blind a vision to appreciate the faces of loved ones and appreciate color and beauty around him.


Please donate one cornea in this Holy Month of Ramazan.